China launches new Long March-5B rocket for space station program
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A Xinhua MV dedicated to all frontline medics and those in isolation #WeAreOne

At this time of great suffering across the world, should the international community stand together or go it alone?

18:46, 04-17, 2020
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China’s Digital Economy Ready to Soar after the Epidemic

The accelerated application of digital technology has not only served as an efficient instrument for the fight against the epidemic, but also as a stabilizer and accelerator for China’s economic growth.

16:10, 04-27, 2020
Shanghai’s Yangpu District: A Magnet for Global Talent

AS night falls, the egg-shaped architecture in the heart of the Wujiaochang commercial circle in Shanghai’s Yangpu District displays a unique charm as it is lit up, attracting passersby to take out their smart phones and cameras to snap pictures of the mesmerizing sight.

16:01, 04-23, 2020
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Traditional Hot Pot in Chongqing

A spice called the Sichuan pepper or Chinese prickly ash growing in the Daliang Mountains best represents southwest China’s condiments.

17:24, 04-23, 2020
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Life Lessons from China’s Response to the Coronavirus

TODAY, I’d like to share some ideas about important life lessons we can learn from China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, along with some encouraging insights from foreigners who lived in China over a century ago.

16:34, 04-23, 2020
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Witness and Experience

While taking a photo of each worker, we would ask them questions, what will you do after the epidemic.

22:17, 04-29, 2020
Employees Sharing: A Bonus for All

STAYING in Beijing to earn more money during the recent Chinese New Year holiday is what 20-year-old Zhang Jun had planned, but the outbreak of the novel coronavirus turned his plan upside down.

23:41, 04-23, 2020
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Karst Landscape, a Natural Wonder

IF grains of sand can build huge dunes and little strokes fell great oaks, what could be the result of billions of tons of water drops falling

09:40, 11-15, 2019
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